Tait Hoyem

I have three goals in my software development career:

  1. Strong adherence to the UNIX principles of software design.
  2. Security, privacy, and anonymity of the internet.
  3. Accessibility of technology to the visually impaired.

Some of my projects reflect these goals; others are just fun along the way. I have all of my code projects hosted on my Github.


Here is some of my best work:

  • epub-with-pinyin — A program to add Pinyin above Chinese characters in .epub files to assist those learning Mandarin Chinese.

  • chess — A command-line chess game in C++. It is compileable on almost any system.

  • tait.tech — All the code for my website is open source.

  • lamegames — A little games website I made for some demonstrations of Django functionality. Very, very lame. Would not recommend.

  • subnetting — One-night write of a subnet calculation tool.

I also occasionally put some content on my blog


You can reach me via email at tait@tait.tech.

If you use PGP, download my public key.