BSD Journey, Part 1

As Linux becomes controlled by corporate sponsors and becomes more full of proprietary blobs, drivers, and even closed-source software like Steam, One may wonder if there are other options out there. For me, somebody that is intensely interested in security, there is one option: OpenBSD.

Now, my interest in OpenBSD has been going on for a long time. I started poking around for Linux alternatives way back a few years ago when Linus Torvalds decided to leave after he got in trouble for some unprofessional behaviour. That said, Linus did come back to Linux development, but I knew that his abrasive style is what brought good code to the Linux kernel. I also knew that his ability to be critical would be hurt by the new code of conduct. It would become a tool for the SJW types to hammer on Linus for being a “white male, et al.”; It would become a tool for the easily offended to use to get their dumb code into Linux; It would become a tool for the corporatization, the HR-ification of Linux. Frankly, this does not interest me.

Now I’m sure that OpenBSD has its own internal policies that I disagree with. That said, Theo De Raadt is still at least known for calling Firefox an “amorphous peace of garbage” due to its lack of privilege separation. And, in their project goals page, they specifically mention:

Be as politics-free as possible; solutions should be decided on the basis of technical merit.

Now that’s something I can get behind! Bet you that’s not in the Linux COC?

He also went to university in my hometown, so that’s pretty cool! I can support a local madman who thinks he can make a better operating system than all those corporations. Maybe he was right, maybe not. What I know is I am excited to find out!

Wish my luck on my OpenBSD journey. I will post updates here along the way.

Happy hacking!